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Who we are

Yes to Life

The “Yes to Life” project serves at-risk children and adolescents through art, sport, and leisure activities, preventing their initial exposure to drugs and human rights violations and developing their young consciousness of their rights and responsibilities. The child or adolescent, both considered persons with innate rights, is involved in playful and educational activities that strengthen his/her self-esteem and value his/her human and creative potential. As “Yes to Life” encourages the integration of each person’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions, the child, parents and relatives all strengthen family and community bonds, as they are invited to be involved with community groups, particularly those oriented towards promoting health and education rights. The CBM International Mission partners with MSMC for this initiative.

Extension Project of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).

Valuing Life Award (2007) presented by the National Anti-Drugs Bureau (SENAD).

Child and Adolescent Benefactor Commendation (2001) by the Municipal Government of Fortaleza

Honorable Mention signed by the Queen of Sweden

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