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Therapeutic Residency

Since 2011, MSMC has mentored psychiatric hospital patients who have been institutionalized for at least three years and have had no contact with their families. At the residency, these people are welcomed into a new home. Here, with the support of community caregivers certified in the Systemic Community Approach, the beneficiaries (who have come from an experience of hospitalized confinement) find the opportunity to make ties and form friendships with their caregivers, their neighbors and the community at large. CAPS (The Center for Psycho-Social Assistance) of Bom Jardim, as the residency is known, in co-management with MSMC, offers care through various therapeutic activities to residents, who will slowly come to realize that it is possible to reconnect with their social and cultural reality and become integrated into their community.

The Therapeutic Residency is co-managed by MSMC and the Municipal Bureau of Health of Fortaleza.

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