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Who we are

The Mr. Franco Masserdotti AME House

AME House (Art, Music, and Performance) welcomes those with a penchant for creative forms of expression. In 2008, AME House was selected by the Ministry of Culture (MinC) to be designated as a Cultural Landmark. The House, which also includes the Knowledge Exchange (Troca de Saberes) Reading Hub, provides the communities of greater Bom Jardim with a space for meeting, listening, citizenship, leisure and culture. Workshops on handicrafts, typing, guitar, drums, piano, flute, percussion, organic cards, painting, mosaics, theater, and audiovisual tools are regularly offered. AME House also offers art therapy to members of the Bom Jardim Community CAPS program. The theater group Semearte and the percussion group Tambores do Movimento (Drums of Movement) are examples of some of the positive results of AME House.

CINE-Caps is a place within AME House dedicated to providing psycho-social treatement to users of AME House as well as to the general public.

This Cultural Landmark is a public policy of the federal government achieved by MSMC in partnership with the Cultural Bureau of Ceará.

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