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The Ezequiel Ramin Apprenticeship House

The Ezequiel Ramin Apprenticeship House prioritizes youth and adult professional development, providing knowledge and tools that will facilitate their integration into the job market. This formative program integrates self-awareness exercises with self-esteem building and exposure to the Systemic Community Aprroach. Youths are encouraged to develop their role as the protagonist of their own lives, acting in a cooperative fashion for the transformation of their own community and for their future professional performance. Courses in diverse areas are offered, such as customer service, administrative assistance, sales, health care and foreign language instruction. An “Opportunity Club” provides guidance to youth of all ages seeking to enter the job market.

In partnership with the Management and Development Ethics (Ética Gestão e Desenvolvimento) company and food distributer RB, MSMC has operated the Youth Apprentice Program since 2004, certified by the Work and Employment Ministry and recognized by DRT and Comdica.

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