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Sustainable Gastronomy School

The Sustainable Gastronomy School (Portuguese initials EGA), inaugurated on December 10th, 2016, is qualified as an Extension Project by the bachelors program in gastronomy at the Federal University of Ceara, and is a training program built and implemented by MSMC.

The School uses the social technology called Community Systemic Approach (CSA), which was developed by MSMC in order to help people achieve biopsychosociospiritual balance. This approach has been recognized as an invitation approach to mental health by various scientific articles.

EGA has the potential to make regional cuisine more accessible to people of lower socioeconomic status. It trains professionals for the gastronomy market and contributes to the sustainability of other therapeutic programs at the MSMC.
The professional training in gastronomy also strengthens the students’ hireability, which is one of the social determinants of health, using the inclusive dimension of CSA, which works to overcome poverty.

This initiative’s pilot action was the Biodiversity Gastronomy Course (30 course hours) which took place in November and December of 2016.

The implementation of the school, and the installation of necessary equipment, depended on funds granted to the Movement by the Federal Revenue department of Brasil. The installations followed the recommendations of the Architecture School of UFC and of the Sanitation Department and were designed to be accessible to people with disabilities.


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