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Systemic Community Approach

Since 1996, MSMC serves, listens, offers therapeutic attention and exposes people in the greater Bom Jardim area to new possibilities, overcoming their internalized poverty. By uniting popular, community and scientific knowledge through social practices that promote the protagonism of people by boosting self-esteem and promoting civic engagement, MSMC collectively constructs the “Systemic Community Approach” (ASC). This is a therapeutic technology with multiple levels of impact that involves the whole human being, connecting it to the community, the environment and the transcendent in a responsible and transformative attitude, making possible the identification of each person’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions. In less than two decades, this technology has already transformed and improved thousands of lives in the greater Bom Jardim area in Fortaleza and in Maracanaú and Pacatuba with the Pitaguary. Internationally recognized, Bolivia has demonstrated interest in applying ASC as a public policy capable of reinvigorating and improving lives.

Social Technology* – Finalist for the Bank of Brazil Foundation Award in Social Technology – 2009 Edition.

*Social technologies include effective and replicable products, techniques or methodologies that are developed with the local community and whose objective is to achieve social transformation.

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