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Self-Esteem Therapy

Since 1996, MSMC, in accordance with its mission of life promotion, has developed a pioneering model for boosting self-esteem. Today, this service is available to children, adolescents and adults alike. Self-Esteem Therapy – as a fundamental tool in promoting active citizenship – strengthens autonomy, dignity, and wisdom in each human being. The service’s methodology is based on the Systemic Community Approach that addresses all dimensions of the person, in other words, the bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions. At MSMC, to truly “awaken” a person’s self-esteem is to help the person learn to take care of his/herself, assume his/her rightful place within the family, engage with the community and develop a relationship with Mother Earth. Through various techniques, dynamics and complementary therapies, each participant boosts his/her self-esteem, awakening his/her creative and participatory potential.

Honorable mention for the Social Inclusion in Mental Health Award (2006), given by the Lilly Initiative, with the support of the Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP).

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