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Who we are

Network of Partnerships – Social and Cultural Action

Cultural Exchange – In partnership with the Brazil United States Institute of Ceará (Ibeu), MSMC receives English-speaking students to support its work and research.

Community Psychology – Through an agreement with the Center for Community Psychology at the Federal University of Ceará (Nucom), MSMC receives students for fieldwork and research development.

Brazilian Table – Through the Brazilian Table Program of SESC (Commerce Social Service), MSMC receives food for the participants of its community activities.

Reading Spaces – MSMC, in partnership with the Northeast Citizenship Institute, installed reading spaces in the village of Pitaguary and MSMC’s site in Maracanaú.

Community Service Offerings – Through the Alternatives Program of the Clóvis Beviláqua Forum, MSMC welcomes individuals to offer services to the community.

MSMC participates in the Rights of Children and Adolescents Forum (DCA).

The organization also is active in the Confronting Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents in Ceará.

MSMC is also a member of ANEPS – the National Articulation of Movements and Practices in Public Education and Health.

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