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Indigenous Youth Realizing Their Dreams

Since 2007, MSMC has worked with the indigenous Pitaguary people in Maracanaú and Pacatuba (cities in the Brazilian state of Ceará). This partnership made possible a visit by Adam Little Elk, chief of the North American Lakota Sioux tribe. He stimulated dialogue with other indigenous communities, inspiring the valorization of indigenous culture and the importance of familiarity with the Native American language of Tupi. From there was born the “Îandé Memé Maranongara” project (this is the Tupi version of the phrase “Mitakuye Oyasin,” which in Lakota Sioux means “We are all Related”), with the Systemic Community Approach used in the local village. In partnership with the City of Maracanaú, a thatched hut was made for the purpose of housing playful and formative activities that value indigenous culture and inspire an expansion of ecophilia (an attitude of friendship towards the earth). This project boosted self-esteem, helped prevent drug dependency, and stimulated awareness of each person’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions for members of the village. In 2011, the “Indingeous Youth Realizing Their Dreams” project was born with the participation of thirty Pitaguary youth, providing continuity of their education and developing their talents and potential. Scholarships for enrollment at the private Piamarta High School, language classes and tutoring are some of the offerings of this project, which are always accompanied by sacred and traditional indigenous rituals, such as the Toré dance.

MSMC works with the Pitaguary in Maracanaú through a partnership with the Indingenous CRAS of that city. There, art and culture workshops, professional courses and support for youth employment are offered.

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