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The Community Mental Health Movement began its work in Bom Jardim, on the outskirts of Fortaleza in 1996, as part of the journey of the Comboni Missionaries, present in the region since 1987. These missionaries facilitated the development of a “community of communities,” inspired by Liberation Theology and the existence of Basic Ecclesial Communities (Comunidades Eclesiais de Base – CEBs).

To unite people and create a mental health project on the periphery of Fortaleza, where the majority of the population lives in a constant state of social vulnerability – in a community in which extreme poverty, violence, a lack of housing and basic sanitation, street children, and unemployment are the norm – is to believe that even amongst pain and suffering, hope is possible. In other words, it is possible to transform people, families and the social reality in which they find themselves.

Over the years, MSMC has proven that its self-esteem work – through its Systemic Community Approach – stimulates self-awareness as well as awareness of one’s surroundings. The result is the creation of paths of liberation, thanks to the tremendous level of participation and shared responsibility that MSMC’s activities cultivate.

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