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Community Technology Center of Bom Jardim

The Community Technology Center is a public space equipped with internet-connected computers (via satellite), where various activities in information and communication technology are offered. The main objective of this project is to promote social and economic development of the communities served by the center, reducing social and digital exclusion and creating opportunities for these citizens. Among the various activities that the local community can develop in the environment of digital inclusion that the Community Technology Center offers, a few highlights are free use of equipment, internet access and classes in basic and advanced computer science and typing. This project integrates the BR Community Technology Center Program of the federal government and benefits from a partnership with the City of Fortaleza. Apart for the installation of equipment, a coordinator and two scholars are available to accompany the apprentices.

The space is built to welcome the community’s children, youth, adults, senior citizens, CAPS (The Center for Psycho-Social Assistance) patients and others with special needs.

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