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Bom Jardim Community CAPS

CAPS (The Center for Psycho-Social Assistance) is a landmark therapeutic day hospital offering treatment for people with severe psychiatric problems and support for their families. Developed as an alternative to psychiatric hospital committals, CAPS’ objective is to promote care and social reintegration, offering patients a range of personalized, community, and life-promoting activities.

Bom Jardim Community CAPS is co-managed by MSMC with the Municipal Health Bureau; MSMC contributes its renowned Systemic Community Approach technology. Services in the following areas are available: psychiatry, psychology, social services, nursing, occupational therapy and pharmacy. In addition to these services, art, physical exercise, group therapy, “assistance for assistants” (support for the family members of the program’s patients), Live Pharmacy (Farmácia Viva) of medicinal plants, celebrations and cultural field trips are also offered. CAPS favors the promotion of community awareness to create a more welcoming environment for people with severe psychiatric problems.

Bom Jardim Community CAPS is an innovative experiment co-managed by MSMC in partnership with the Municipal Bureau of Health (SMS) of Fortaleza. It is the result of active participation in public policy.

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