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Awards, Accolades and Distinctions

2001 – Father Rino Bonvini receives the “Children’s Benefactor” award for his critical social work in support of children and youth while at MSMC. The award was presented by the Municipal Government of Fortaleza.

2007 – Distinction given for “Valuing of Life,” given by the National Anti-Drug Bureau (Senad) in recognition of MSMC’s strengthening of national anti-drug policies.

2007 – Honorable Mention in the Education Category for the project “The Reclaiming of One’s Self Group,” presented by Lilly, with the support of the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry.

2007 – Certificate of Recognition from the Health Commission of the 57th Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC)/State University of Ceará (UECE).

2008 – Honorable Mention for the Innovation Award for the “Take Action” project, awarded by the 2008 Mentor International Prevention Awards.

2008 – Honorable Mention for the Realizing the Dream Award for the “Yes to Life, No to Drugs” project, awarded by the 2008 Mentor International Prevention Awards.

2009 – Bank of Brazil Foundation Award, certifying that the Systemic Community Approach of MSMC is an effective and replicable social technology.

2009 – IAB Urban Kindness Award for MSMC’s “Sing, Dance and Paint Seven” project, given by the Department of Ceará’s Architects Institute of Brazil.

2010 – Mention for “Benefactor of Children” to Father Rino Bonvini in recognition of his critical social work for children and youth through MSMC. Awarded by the Municipal Government of Fortaleza.

2010 – Honorary Academic Title of “Planetary Citizenship” to Father Rino Bonvini for his work at MSMC, presented by the Sustainable Development Foundation of Cantão and the Antônio Propício Aguiar Franco School, through the “Eagle’s Flight” project, in partnership with the International Council on Planetary Citizenship (WCPC).

2010 – Ferreira Apothecary Medal awarded to Father Rino Bonvini, president of MSMC by the Board of Supervisors of Fortaleza.

2010 – The Community Mental Health Movement achieves the “Ceará of Cinema and Video” Award, presented by the Secretary of Culture of the State of Ceará, for its Cine CAPS project.

2011 – Solene Session and a Plaque of Recognition to MSMC for its relevant services offered over the course of 15 years, awarded by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Ceará.

2011 – Solene Session and Tribute from the Municipal Legislative Power for 15 years of activity from MSMC, Board of Supervisors of Fortaleza.

2011 – Betinho Award – “Citizen’s Attitude” to Father Rino Bonvini for his missionary work in Fortaleza as founder and president of MSMC, conferred by the COEP Network (

2012 – Father Rino is honored as a “Friend of Maracanaú” by the Municipal Government of Maracanaú and by the magazine “Ceará and Municipalities” for his work with the indigenous Pitaguary community.

2012 – MSMC earns a permanent place on the international fundraising portal Global Giving –

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